The Power Of Fruits – Anti-Aging Health Foods

Are you concerned about the physical well being of your body? Are you
feeling sluggish and run down? Does your stomach feel bloated and
uncomfortable? Do you carry extra weight in your stomach area? Is your
skin aging more quickly than you feel it should? Are you beginning to have
health problems that are effecting the quality of your life? Do you feel
that you are getting the adequate vitamins and minerals from your diet?

We are told our bodies need five helpings of fruits per day. This is
difficult but essential to our over all health. Fruits contain dietary
fiber that helps our digestive tract. It is important to keep our digestive
tract clear and moving. If we do not, a build up occurs and can cause
disease. Nutrients can not be absorbed into our body as easily if there is
build up. It is possible to hold up to 50 pounds of fecal matter in our
intestine, making us sluggish, adding extra weight and adding extra inches
to our mid section.

Some of the benefits of fruits are as follows:

1. Anti-Aging: We are all concerned about growing older. We can slow down
the aging process if we give our bodies the essential nutrients. More
importantly, however, is the quality of our lives when we are older. We
want to be able to enjoy our later years and be able to do the things that
we love doing.

2. Energy: If our digestive tract is clear, we will have more energy. We
will not have the toxins in our system making us sluggish. Also, when we
eat more of the foods that are healthy for us, we will be less likely to eat
carbohydrates or sugary foods that slow our metabolism.

3. Clear and Healthy Looking Skin: Again having a healthy digestive tract
is critical. When we are holding toxins in our body they will often be
eliminated through our pours. This will cause break outs and give our skin
a sallow look.

4. Improved Mental Focus: When our bodies are receiving proper nutrition we
will naturally have better mental clarity. We will be able to work more
effectively for a longer period of time. If our stomach is full of lighter
foods such as fruit, especially in the afternoon, we will not feel as

5. Weight Maintenance: Weight loss and maintenance can be one of the
desired consequences of consuming more fruits. Keeping our digestive tracts
clear, filling our stomach with more easily absorbed food with less caloric
intake, gives a less heavy feeling which leads to more activity.

6. Antioxidants: Many fruits are high in antioxidants. The environment and
certain preservatives in foods, put unhealthy toxins in our bodies. Fruits
can help our bodies get rid of the damaging toxins that can cause disease
and pre-mature aging.

7. Immune System: When our immune system is strong, we are more capable of
fighting illness and disease. Today, there are many immune deficiency
diseases that have serious debilitating
side effects. Lupus, chronic fatigue and some forms of arthritis, to name
just a few.

Some of the fruits highest in antioxidants are acai berry, apricot, purple
grape, pear, cranberry,
blueberry, passion fruit, white grape, kiwi, pomegranate, banana, bilberry,
nashi pear, lychee fruit, camu camu, prune and wolf berry.

The world’s population at large is sorely lacking in the life-changing
nutrients that come from some of nature’s most wondrous fruits. For most,
their only fruit intake has become an occasional apple, banana or orange.

Cheaper, processed alternatives have replaced many of Earth’s most powerful
resources for optimum health – Fresh fruits from the richest soils of the
world. Yet in this age of environmental pollution of air, water and food,
the need for wholesome fruits has never been greater.

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